Cognitive Rehabilitaion | Clearwater | St Petersburg | Brain Fitness of FloridaLoss of memory or impairment of any cognitive function typically occurs due to a traumatic brain injury. However, it can occur due to Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, aging, and other denigrating factors. Cognitive rehab is often implemented to improve brain functioning,
A cognitive rehab is a form of therapy that is centralized on relearning or enhancing particular cognitive skills. It focuses on improving brain deficits that have been altered due to specific brain damage.

Through this process, Stephen L. Scranton, M.D., F.A.C.P., and his team work with patients to better their daily life through the enhancement of various brain functions.
Before therapy is implemented, Dr. Scranton and his team perform an evaluation to determine the extent of your injuries. Through this assessment, your individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses are addressed to ensure that the correct treatments are applied. This will ensure that appropriate measures are taken to restore your independence and daily responsibilities adequately.
Every individual is different. Although similar occurrences may occur that result in brain damage, the extent of the injury may vary. A customized program responds advantageously to the explicit requirements of each patient. Through one-on-one coaching, activities are designed to help you remediate your challenges for rehabilitation. Elements concentrating on brain training, stress management, physical wellness, and nutrition are applied.

Cognitive Rehab Implements Specific Components

Although an individualized approach is typically applied with cognitive rehab, the implementation of standard components remains at the core of this therapy. Application of 4 pivotal elements such as education and awareness, process training, strategy training, and function activities training are executed during the treatment.

Education & Awareness of the Problem

Therapists utilize education to highlight fragilities and strengths in your cognitive abilities. Through the employment of questionnaires, unique testing as well as standardized and non-standardized evaluations, issues are underlined. Once identified, clients are made conscious of the cognitive insufficiency they face and are educated on their implications.

Process Training

This portion of cognitive rehab places emphasis on resolving the problem at hand. Through meticulous retraining, pertinent cognitive skills are redeveloped. Essential practice and strategic application ensure the improvement of inadequate skills.

Strategy Training

Involves the use of internal and external strategies to assist with learning and remembering new information. Here, the focus is placed on compensation, recovery, and the creation of new connections, to replace those that have dissipated over time.

Functional Activities Training

Here, the importance of real-life improvements is accentuated. In an effort to prove daily functions, all preceding components of cognitive rehab in Clearwater are utilized to ensure that your everyday functioning is improved.

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida Proudly Offers Cognitive Therapy

Stephen L. Scranton, M.D., F.A.C.P., and his team of Brain Fitness Centers of Florida are dedicated to helping patients improve processes of the brain related to recall, memory, communication, understanding, and concentration.
For further information on the program offered and the individual programs offered that are centered on the improvement of various cognitive abilities, contact our office. Our team of professionals look forward to helping you elevate your quality of life.
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What is Cognitive Rehab?