What was my experience going through the program? Fantastic and supportive! Doing something about a problem, not just sitting and stewing about it, getting worried and worked up about something I don’t have.


I keep thinking of all the people who can benefit from this breakthrough. The science is solid, and studies show that the program works. The fact that we can do something to retain and enhance our powers of concentration, understanding, and memory is very exciting to me both professionally and personally.

Horace B. D., former Executive Director of AARP

It just made me want to learn more, study more, and play the piano more. My children said ‘Mom, we really see a glimmer in your eye!’


I have noticed that I can hear much better in noisy restaurants. I can remember phone numbers and addresses better. I would say that I just feel more optimistic. And everything is a bit more vivid.


I saw a diminution of my word recall and speaking skills and this was causing me concern. In my profession, speaking engagements are an integral part of my job. I enjoyed the discipline of the Brain Fitness program, the schedule, and knowing people could guide me and provide the support I needed to succeed.


I suffered from a head injury a year-and-a-half ago and still had lingering concussion-like symptoms and since starting the brain fitness center three days a week for an hour symptoms are starting to disappear brain speed memorization is getting better and better multitasking has become much easier being that I work in a restaurant multitasking is required so I suggest anyone without a brain injury I suggest anyone feels that their declining in the mental capacity to try this place that you have nothing to lose so much more to gain

John P.

I am gaining confidence. I have found that words come easier.


I was having trouble with my memory. I was getting lost and forgot sometimes where I was going, even when I was driving. And after learning about the program, I understood the importance and that this might be a good thing for me.


I thought the program’s coordinators were very bright and helpful. The program seemed quite helpful causing aid in my short-term memory, improvement in hearing and in concentration!


The doctor is great. Leah and Carol and very kind and motivating. The program is amazing, it really helped me improve my memory. It is easy to schedule an appointment. Dr. Scranton is brilliant. I increased my memory from 61% to 84% and I am not done yet :). Leah and Carol are very motivating and positive. I wish I could come to the brain fitness center everyday.

Ericka M.

I feel more organized and sure of myself, plus a bit younger! 

Carol O.

Good Coaches and support team!

Jim W.

Fantastic!!! This program intensified my focus. The brain isn’t sleeping. It woke up & started to work again.

Ruth M.

Very helpful. both my wife and kids see improvement in me.


There is no magic pill, I have already looked. … if you are NOT 100% dedicated to improving the Brain Functions for you or someone you know lost, save yourself the time, hard work and aggravation – don’t do it…. However, If you or a friend has a Brain Injury, with a desire to improve it substantially, it is at least worth calling them. The Brain Fitness Center is a brain “Boot Camp”, not a “Cry Baby” program. There will be ups and downs… But in the end, it all well worth it.

It is a Long Journey for any Brain Injury recovery. Rather it is a Stroke, Auto accident or some other brain incident, It is a exceedingly good place to start a lifelong Journey with the tools given to me by them. The Brain Fitness Center focuses on visualization, memories, objectives, and methods, producing new pathways, replacing those lost or destroyed and improving those you retained. It is not easy, but nothing worth doing is…

In the Tampa Bay area, There are many “physical rehab” facilities, but literally, nothing is known for “Mental Restoration” for post brain injury. After being told about the Brain Fitness Center by a friend, I attended 21 sessions and continuing today. I have witnessed a remarkable increase memory, recall, and retention. Dynamic changes following directions and many more incidents of self-improvement. Above all, I now have a much more positive outlook on my new future with skills reacquired to move forward with my life.

Today, after 21 sessions there is no question at all, I would most certainly do it again.

Thank’s to the staff for a great start in my new journey.

Chief James W.M. Jr. Ret.

After being in a car accident and being told I had a brain injury, I did not know what direction to go in. I was confused, had loss of memory and I struggled everyday. I am truly blessed do have been able to meet Dr. Scranton and his wonderful team of professionals who never gave up on me or let me give up on myself. It is hard work but amazing results! I highly recommend Dr. Scranton and his program to anyone suffering with a brain injury.


I went through cancer treatment including two different types of chemo over a seven month period. My memory was practically nonexistent. I couldn’t retain even the smallest amounts of information. Dr. Scranton and the Brain Fitness team identified a protocol for me that included training three days per week in the office on the areas that needed strengthening. The training improved numerous areas. Without their help, this post wouldn’t have been possible. I would highly recommend Brain Fitness Center for both chemo-induced memory issues as well as TBI issues.


This is not a gym but a great place for cognitive therapy. Warm friendly staff and great Dr Scranton

Bob L.

Dr. Scranton does Amazing Work. If you are having issues w/ your memory whether it be age related, chemo-related memory loss or traumatic brain injury… Dr. Scranton has proven, drug-free Cognitive training programs that are LIFE CHANGING!


I love getting my brain fixed by you guys! I’m feeling like wow


Fantastic place Fantastic people with great results. Highly recommend

Michael M.

…Dr. Scranton’s program helped me regain my professional confidence and restored my ability to think clearly. It was really pivotal for me, and I came back so quickly.

Julie P.