Here at Brain Fitness Centers of Florida, we want to help patients understand what the steps will be to enroll in Brain Fitness Centers of Florida’s rehabilitation program. After contacting the office, your insurance information will be taken over the phone and verified with your insurance company. After we obtain verification and an appointment is made, you will be directed to our website. On our website, you will print out documents that you need to complete at home and bring to the office on your first visit.

On your first visit, you will meet our friendly staff. Following the completion of the documents, you will take your first diagnostic test. This test will take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete and will give us an idea how multiple areas of brain function are working. These tests will be interpreted together with other factors that be hindering cognitive function.

Functional areas of the brain, vector illustration

On the second visit, you will have a highly specialized test. Just as the first test was looking at brain function with various factors that could attribute to worsening cognition, so will the second test. Also on the second visit, we will do a third test that will only take 15 minutes. Unlike the first two tests, which are helpful to see which combined brain function with those detrimental factors, this third test will test the electrical activity in the deep subcortical brain.
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On your third visit, you will have another electrophysiologic test that will look at your cortex or the outer shell of the brain. This helps us interpret deep brain and the more superficial cortex of the brain. This test will take approximately an hour.
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On your fourth visit, you will meet back with Dr. Scranton, who will review with you your past history, medications, and your history of cognitive dysfunction. This is necessary as generally multiple etiologies contribute to one apparent outcome, cognitive dysfunction. These studies will be reviewed and the potential causes leading to cognitive dysfunction are identified. At the time, a recommendation can be made.
You should walk out of the office with a much clearer picture of what caused your problem, how many problems may be contributing, and what can be done about the problem.