Cognitive and Memory Training | Clearwater | Brain Fitness of FloridaAge and health play a large role in the abilities that humans possess in terms of memory and cognitive ability. As we age, cellular decomposition is a natural part of life. Over time all cells lose rigidity. We see this in our skin as plump skin begins to sag and crease. However, you may not have realized that this same cellular aging is happening beneath the surface as well.

The human brain is comprised of billions of nerves, connecting all the parts of your body together. Everything you do from breathing and eating to jumping and singing is controlled by the brain. At Brain Fitness Centers, our memory training in Clearwater, Florida is showing definitive improvement in cognitive ability and memory. While we can’t stop the clocks completely, this is one way for humans to fight the aging process.

What is Cognitive and Memory Training?

Brain training programs, like the memory training in Clearwater, Florida is targeted at increasing your cognitive ability. Developed by Dr. Stephen L. Scranton, the exercises designed at Brain Fitness Centers of Florida are proven to improve memory. In fact, with more than 3,500 treatments to date, Dr. Scranton has seen 90% of his patients achieve successful results.
Each brain fitness program is designed with an individual patient in mind. This is because no two individuals are alike. After meeting with you personally and discussing your specific needs and worries regarding your memory, our professional team will build a plan to help train your brain.

The Benefit of Memory Training in Clearwater, Florida

The advantages of brain fitness for aging and cognitive rehabilitation have been studied for years. Research published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that a cognitive training program vastly improved memory and attention in participants. Similar studies focusing on brain training and reading programs have also found significant improvement in adults. Through these and similar studies, we’ve come to learn a great many benefits of memory training in Clearwater, Florida. Such as:

  • Improved alertness
  • Slowed brain decay in elderly
  • Better memory
  • Proactive brain strengthening
  • Faster reaction times

These are a few of the general advantages brain and memory training offer. When you meet for your consultation you can select specific goals to work on with your coach.

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Why Choose Brain Fitness Centers of Florida?

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida are an advanced facility for memory training in Clearwater, Florida. With ongoing training and research to continually expand our grasp on the human brain – we are constantly upgrading our programs and evolving our strategies to better help clients. We are passionate about our community and are proud to serve Florida, here in Clearwater and surrounding areas.
If you are interested in learning more about brain fitness and the many advantages it offers, we invite you to contact us. Call Brain Fitness Centers of Florida at 1-727-608-7378, or fill in a convenient form here. We look forward to working with new and returning clients, focusing on improving your memory so you can improve your life.

Cognitive and Memory Training