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A study published this month reported on central nervous system symptoms seen in COVID cases, including issues involving the brain. The study is a review and meta-analysis, so their findings come from 64 different studies with a total of 11,687 patients between them. Some of the problems that have been observed include cerebrovascular disease, ataxia (lack of control over movement and coordination), and seizure. Hypoxia is another potential issue, which can cause inflammation and reduced blood flow in the brain. This has potential for neural dysfunction, brain damage, and cognitive impairment.

There are also indirect risk factors. Our immune response can compromise the blood brain barrier (BBB), which in turn leaves our brain more vulnerable to toxins and infections. This makes it easier for COVID to enter the brain. COVID’s effect on the brain stem can inhibit cardiorespiratory centers, which can suppress breathing enough to cause death. This is in addition to the direct effect it may already be having on the lungs themselves.

The virus also boosts blood clotting and increases cerebrovascular disease risk, having the potential to reduce blood flow to the brain and even cause stroke.

Even without experiencing severe complications from COVID exposure, these processes may still be occurring in the background. If you, or someone you know, had COVID-19, come to Brain Fitness Centers of Florida, where we can test your brain for any possible impairment.

Read the full article here: Central nervous system manifestations in COVID-19 patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis

COVID-19 Can Have Serious Implications for Brain Health