Carole Shade
Carole is originally from Peoria, Illinois. She is the Rehabilitation Coach at Brain Fitness Centers of Florida and has been there since its founding. Carole was recruited to be the coach after working in the local hospital. She loves to help people, encourage them, and motivate them. She defines her passion as being able to help people in so many ways and aspects of their lives. “Ultimately, it is nice to see the patient remain independent longer than they would have if they did not go through the program,” said Carole. In her free time, Carole spends time with her dogs (a golden retriever and a husky shepherd) and her 10 grandchildren. She also loves to go hiking and do yoga. Her favorite place to hike is in Warm Springs, Georgia, several hours outside of Atlanta. Carole is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. It’s what makes her perfect for this job. For every patient that she sees, she can not only encourage them but also help them through whatever it is that is ailing them. Like all the other members of staff, she takes the time to get to know the patients.