Brain Fitness Centers of Florida’s (B.F.C.F.) revolutionary program in Clearwater is designed to improve cognitive abilities such as memory. Informed by decades of research, Dr. Scranton and his team specialize in creating a uniquely tailored curriculum specifically for you to help to restore function. Our programs are based on some of the most advanced clinical techniques, and medically proven brain training exercises designed by top scientists around the world, including partners at Harvard, Yale, and Stanford universities.

Are You a Good Candidate for Our Program?

There are many reasons why residents of Clearwater seek to improve their cognitive abilities. Some want to feel sharper throughout the day or improve their memory. Others may have suffered from a traumatic brain injury or are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. Regardless of your why, brain fitness is just as necessary as physical health. Throughout our lives, we grow new brain cells, and practicing mental effort will stimulate this growth. If any of this sounds relevant to you, take the online test to find out how you’re performing, cognitively.

Brain Fitness | Clearwater | Brain Fitness Center of FloridaNeuroplasticity

Until more recent research findings, scientists believed the brain was “hard-wired” and that if you experienced brain disease or damaged cells through trauma, there was no way to get them back. Today we know that this isn’t true. The brain can restructure based on usage and experience.
Neuroplasticity explains your brain’s ability to rewire itself, and this can happen for a few different reasons. For example, various studies have shown a structural change in the mind for individuals who learn a second language. People that speak two languages have more grey matter density and white matter integrity. You can also find similar structural changes in people that play a musical instrument. Musician’s auditory complex can reorganize through years of experience. This skill allows them to  hear sound more readily than someone who doesn’t play an instrument.

Ways to Improve Everyday Brain Fitness

  1. Exercise Regularly
  2. Get Plenty of Sleep
  3. Eat a Mediterranean Diet
  4. Stay Mentally Active
  5. Remain Socially Involved

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Even if you aren’t suffering from injury or disease, you will benefit from enhanced cognitive function. Our brain fitness programs allow a smoother approach to everyday life and improved memory. Serving residents of Pinellas and Pasco county. Call or text for an appointment today, 727-608-7378

What is a Brain Fitness Program?
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