What happens after the patient has completed the program?

Upon completion of the program, the patient reviews their program and test scores, as well as many other contributing factors, with Dr. Scranton. Management recommendations for the short term are provided. For some, we may ask that the individual continue

How does the program work?

Upon entering the program, each patient is assessed and has a consultation with the doctor to review their existing issues and areas to improve. Based on this information, individuals are placed in a comprehensive program, specifically designed for each person,

Is Brain Fitness appropriate for those with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

TBI typically affects a range of cognitive functions, including attention, processing speed, memory, and executive functioning (i.e. decision making), all of which can affect day-to-day functioning. Computerized brain training, as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, has been shown to

Do insurance carriers cover the program? To what extent?

Most major insurance providers, including Medicare, cover the program up to 80%. From there, most secondary or supplemental insurance carriers cover the remaining 20%. If insurance is an issue, Brain Fitness Centers of Florida, LLC is happy to work with