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You or someone you love may be exhibiting signs of mental decline. If this is the case, there is no need to be resigned. Patients in Safety Harbor and surrounding areas have experienced dramatic improvement through the Brain Fitness Centers of Florida’s Cognitive Impairment Rehabilitation Program. Those who benefit range from stressed executives to patients with traumatic brain injury.

When one suffers loss of memory, slowed thinking, and confusion, in addition to emotional changes, there can be feelings of fear and uncertainty. Brain Fitness Centers offer solutions that have helped many regain clarity, independence, and confidence, not to mention peace of mind.

A Program Backed by Science

There are hundreds of different studies on rehabilitating the brain to fight cognitive decline. Studies have been performed by researchers at health institutions, and major universities as well as independents, and recorded in journals such as Clinical Neurophysiology. These studies show the effectiveness of mental stimulation, brain training, and computerized brain games against impairment.

Our brains are amazing machines capable of more than we can imagine. The brain has the ability to heal after injury or trauma, moreover, it will create new networks around damaged areas to restore connections and function. This process is called neuroplasticity and is the basis for Brain Fitness Centers’ Safety Harbor rehab program.

Cognitive Impairment Rehabilitation Program

A brain rehab plan is made up of combined strategies tailored to help improve memory, brain function, and ultimately improve life satisfaction. Several factors are central to cognitive recovery. These include:

  • enhancing mental performance
  • improving the time it takes for the brain to process information
  • boosting memory

Patients who visit Brain Fitness Centers of Florida from North Pinellas and surrounding areas will have an assessment and a consult with Dr. Scranton. A determination will be made as to whether you are a good candidate for a cognitive impairment rehabilitation program.  A comprehensive, unique approach will be designed for you and your needs. We believe in treating the whole patient, so lifestyle factors will be addressed. These include sleep hygiene, stress management, nutrition, and the physical activity you enjoy in North Pinellas. Research shows that lifestyle is a factor in mental health. As always, we follow the science and so consider your lifestyle in rehabbing your mental ability and fight impairment.

Are You a Candidate for a Cognitive Rehabilitation Program?

The deterioration of brain function can result from a number of causes such as:

  • Aging – a natural process that sometimes has accompanying memory loss or slowed thinking.
  • Stoke – there is a high potential to develop dementia within the first year following a stroke.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury – caused by a blow or repeated blows to the head, such as might come from an accident or contact sports.
  • Dementia – a decrease in intellectual function to the extent that it interferes with daily living, notably, Alzheimer’s.
  • Health-related issues – such as unmanaged diabetes, depression, congestive heart failure, or chemotherapy.

Many Safety Harbor patients have gone through our programs and experienced marked improvement in their cognitive abilities. Some of these participants do not fall into any of the above categories. They may seek our rehab program because they are experiencing mental impairment as a result of being under tremendous stress. Others contact Brain Fitness Centers due to simple interest in actively improving their memory and other mental abilities. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of loss of brain function, we are here to help

Contact Brain Fitness Centers Today

To find out more about our cognitive impairment rehabilitation program in Safety Harbor, give us a call on 727-608-7378. Alternatively, you can contact us online. At any point in time, you may sign up to take our confidential online test. From those suffering from injury or disease to others who sought to increase their abilities, you may read about experiences on our website. We look forward to helping improve and live a healthy life mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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