Brain Fit Program | Palm Harbor | Brain Fitness of FloridaThe adult human brain weighs only three pounds and yet it oversees every single action your body completes in a day. Everything from blinking and breathing to walking and talking are dictated by cells and neurons in your brain. As we age, all the cells in our bodies age with us, this includes our brain. As cell structures weaken and deplete, you may notice things like a decrease in muscle mass and bone density. These changes are also occurring in your brain. As our brains age, things like memory and alertness don’t come as easily. This is one reason that the brain fit program in Palm Harbor has become so important to Floridians. Brain fitness isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it has progressed with new research and technology to produce the dynamic revolutionary program offered by Stephen L. Scranton, M.D., F.A.C.P., and the knowledgeable staff at Brain Fitness Centers.

About Our Program

The brain fitness program in Palm Harbor offers bespoke results to each customer. Dr. Scranton and the team design a plan based on your specific needs and current brain fitness level. The exercises you follow will lead to the desired outcome, such as stronger memory, better focus, reduced symptoms of brain fog, higher mental acuity, and other brain-related strengths.
Following your time at Brain Fitness Centers, Dr. Scranton will follow up to ensure that your sessions have been successful. We strive to help each client meet and exceed your goals. Through your unique brain training regimen and a dedicated team of professional trainers, you will notice results that last long after your program is complete.

Who Could Benefit from the Brain Fit Program in Palm Harbor?

Brain fitness is best started early and isn’t designated to any one group of people. People of any gender and age will find the brain fitness program in Palm Harbor beneficial. While exercising your brain has its advantages for everyone, there are some who will benefit more. For example:

Adults 40 and Older

As mentioned above, as we age, we lose some of our neurological function. Exercising your brain improves memory and slows down these natural signs of age.

Individuals with Neurological Disorders

While there is not yet a cure for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, brain fitness is an excellent proactive effort to strengthen memory and cognitive activity.

Those with Injury-Related Memory Loss

The brain fit rehabilitation program is a process involving physical and mental stimulation to rebuild muscles and reprogram the brain following an accident or injury. The brain fitness program in Palm Harbor is a perfect example of mental rehabilitation for those suffering from memory loss and an inability to focus following a brain injury.

Contact Brain Fitness Centers to Begin Your Brain Fitness Program in Palm Harbor

If you’re interested in beginning a brain fit program in Palm Harbor, contact us online here today. Call us at 1-727-608-7378, or visit us. Our friendly and experienced staff can answer any questions you may have and get you started on the track to a stronger memory.

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