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Memory training in Florida is a hot topic, likely because the state has the largest population of adults over the age of 65. And almost 40% of people over the age of 65 experience some form of memory loss. 

If you’re looking to slow brain decay, improve alertness, improve your memory, strengthen your brain, and act faster. Brain Fitness Centers of Florida can help. 

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida is an advanced facility for memory training in Clearwater, Florida. Our revolutionary organization provides individualized cognitive rehabilitation programs. These programs are developed from decades of research. This research is based on the most advanced clinical techniques and medically proven brain training exercises. We use practices and techniques designed by top scientists around the world, including partners at Harvard, Yale, and Stanford universities. 

At Brain Fitness Centers of Florida, Stephen L. Scranton, M.D., F.A.C.P., founder of Brain Fitness Centers of Florida, and his staff work with patients on an individualized program. These programs are designed to meet each person’s needs. Not only are programs unique to the individuals, but they’re upgraded continuously. Since research is continually developing, we also update our methods and strategies. 

Are You a Candidate for Memory Training in Florida?

Memory training is not specific to adults over the age of 65. Some of our clients are looking to make improvements in their cognitive abilities. Some want to be sharper for their careers, in meetings, interviews, and working with clients. Others have suffered a traumatic brain injury. We also have many clients with Alzheimer’s disease.  

Many want to take precautionary and preventive action. If you’ve ever witnessed a loved one suffer from memory loss, you understand the want to keep your brain from experiencing this kind of decline. 

No matter what your age is, if you’re experiencing any of the following, you may benefit from a memory training program at Brain Fitness Centers of Florida:

  • It takes you longer to complete simple tasks
  • You forget essential information you would have previously recalled easily
  • Recalling conversations is difficult
  • You feel anxious, and it’s preventing you from doing things you enjoy
  • You struggle with word recall
  • Driving worries you
  • You continuously misplace or lose household objects, keys, etc.
  • You no longer feel able to pay bills or balance your checkbook

Many people under the age of 65 also experience these kinds of warning signs. Early detection and early treatment can help slow the cognitive decline attributing to these signs. For this reason, we recommend a neurocognitive assessment. Neurocognitive assessments are just as necessary as regular cancer screenings and monitoring blood pressure. We recommend you take our online test to find out where you’re performing cognitively.

How Brain Injury Rehabilitation Training Can Help

Brain injuries affect a variety of cognitive functions—from memory to spatial awareness. But brain injury rehabilitation can significantly help individuals recover those functions in a variety of ways.

Our Memory Training Services

Online Assessment

If you’re not sure whether you need our services, you can try our online assessment first. Please note that although performance in the 25th to 74th percentile range is ranked as normal, most of us living independently should have a percentile rank of at least 55.

Memory Evaluation & Assessment

For a true assessment, we recommend a free, in-person neurocognitive assessment. This involves meeting with a doctor and using cutting-edge tools for a thorough evaluation. After your assessment, the doctor will discuss your results and recommend a course of action.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Our programs are never one-size-fits-all. In fact, we prescribe custom plans for each patient based on their results. What’s more, our programs are holistic—focusing on everything from brain exercises to physical wellness.

Individualized Therapy Sessions

Armed with a personalized plan, we set a training schedule. During your individualized sessions, your coach will lead you through your exercises, and adapt your plan as necessary.

At Home Plans

During and after your memory training program, we’ll recommend an at-home plan that includes exercises you can do at home, along with other tips related to stress management, nutrition and overall physical wellness.

For more information on our memory training program, see below.

Raising The Bar On Brain Injury Rehab In Florida

Our medical professionals focus on the most effective traumatic brain injury treatments available. We have raised the bar, using advanced brain training that essentially “works out” the brain and helps improve its overall fitness.

The design was led by Dr. Michael Merzenich, a professor emeritus in neurophysiology, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, co-inventor of the cochlear implant, and Kavli Prize laureate. His international team included neuroscientists who developed the game we use to help traumatic brain injury victims regain function.

How Our Florida Brain Injury Rehab Center Works

Our brain injury rehab strategy uses the same approach as physical workouts. It focuses on exercising key brain functions including memory, attention, brain speed, people skills, intelligence and navigation.

The process starts with a thorough assessment and evaluation, using state of the art equipment. Our team then interprets these personalized results and reviews the findings with each patient. This leads to a customized neurocognitive (brain-training) program tailored to each individual’s needs. From there, extensive one-on-one coaching is provided by BFCF staff in a structured setting, ensuring optimal results. Progress is continually monitored, so that individual programs can be fine-tuned if necessary, in order to provide the best outcome.

Through these challenging, effective brain exercises, patients help their brain become sharper. According to Dr. Merzenich, the brain is capable of continuously undergoing positive change. Using cutting-edge exercises (what we call cognitive training) and the right behavioral approaches suited to each patients’ needs, we encourage this positive change. This brain injury rehab game took 30 years of research in neurological science and related medicine to design.

At the end of the program, progress is assessed, and the team reviews the results of testing and training with each patient. Periodic office visits with the doctor allow cognition to be monitored to ensure the best possible functional outcomes and quality of life.

How Does Cognitive Training Work with Effective Brain Training Exercises?

The cognitive scientists who developed this traumatic brain injury rehabilitation brain exercise system have taken the most powerful findings to make the most effective exercises. They go above and beyond baseline cognitive training, by starting with the basics of a patient’s cognitive function, then improving the speed and accuracy of sensory perceptions. This, in turn, improves attention.

We then slowly add more building blocks to the patient’s brain recovery; for example, working memory, which ties to immediate memory, delayed memory, episodic memory, executive function, reasoning, speech and language, visual-spatial skills, etc. Through this “bottom-up” approach, cognitive training becomes more effective—because it doesn’t just focus on practicing problems over and over again. Through our process, the brain is constantly engaged and challenged so it adapts to meet those challenges.

Tailor-Made Brain Training In Palm Harbor, Florida

While our brain training takes effort, the exercises are often fun. Each patient receives customized treatments to provide a useful, meaningful workout specific to their needs and recovery. A special algorithm adapts the difficulty of each exercise as the treatment continues. This allows for continually optimized training, so every session helps improve performance.

This process reduces frustration and provides positive results that encourage patients to want to continue and reach their goals. Each patient receives a specific treatment approach using the key functions of the brain affected by their injury or stroke. In most cases, the categories overlap—such as memories and attention. For example, the better a patient’s ability to pay attention, the more they’ll be able to remember. Brain speed also contributes to memory as it helps people process information faster and therefore absorb more details.

Do These TBI Workouts Actually Work?

There are over a hundred journal articles supporting the effectiveness that Posit Science brain training exercises have on normal aging adults. Here are some findings:

  • Improves key standard measures of cognitive function including speed and accuracy of processing, attention, and memory
  • Improves key standard measures of quality of life including health-related quality of life, feelings of control, and functional independence

Few other brain injury rehabilitation companies have conducted such thorough or unbiased research.

What Types of Brain Injuries Does The Palm Harbor Facility Treat?

Brain fitness for cognitive rehabilitation encourages overall cognitive function and memory retention. We successfully assist patients who experience:

  • Cognitive decline following chemotherapy commonly referred to as chemo brain
  • Memory loss and impairment due to accident or injury
  • Rehabilitation following a brain injury or surgery
  • Cognitive repair following a stroke
  • Hormone-related “brain fog” caused by menopause, hypothyroidism, and more

We offer brain training for people of all ages whether or not they have suffered a brain injury or stroke. Our cognitive rehabilitation program provides brain fitness using an interactive and engaging tool to reduce frustration and improve patient compliance.

How Our Florida Memory Training Program Works

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, give us a call at (727) 608-7378 to schedule a neurocognitive assessment. This is the first step in improving your cognitive skills.

When you come in for your appointment at our Clearwater, Florida office, we’ll start with an assessment using state of the art equipment and a consultation with the doctor. This gives us an understanding of where you are currently. Then, Dr. Scranton, will review the results with you and discuss any issues and how we can help improve them.

Once we know how we can help, he’ll prescribe your individualized memory training plan. This tailored plan will utilize advanced clinical techniques and medically proven brain training exercises that focus on your areas of improvement. It will include everything from brain exercises, stress management, physical wellness, and nutrition.

Once we have your plan in place, we’ll work with you on a training schedule and set you up with a coach. Then, your coach will work with you one-on-one and help fine-tune your program if necessary. Over the next several weeks, we’ll meet to perform the exercises together and give you resources, tools, and exercises you can do at home. Consistent practice will help to keep you sharp and ensure the exercises are working as they should. 

When the training program is complete, you’ll meet again with Dr. Scranton to review the results of your assessment. After assessing your results, we’ll move forward with the next phase – at-home exercises and periodic office visits. These office visits will ensure we continually monitor your cognitive functions, and you’re enjoying a higher-level quality of life.

What Benefits Can I Expect From Memory Training In Florida?

Memory training in Florida is an ongoing way to preserve your memory and stay sharp. With our customized training program, continuous at-home exercise regimens, and periodic office visits, we expect our clients to experience:

  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Faster decision-making and reaction times
  • A better capacity to learn
  • Improved mobility and dexterity
  • More courage and confidence

The memory training programs in Florida will help to improve your day-to-day life. We want our clients to feel confident and continue to make memories and enjoy daily life.

If you’ve suffered from a stroke, congestive heart failure, or a traumatic brain injury, we can help. At Brain Fitness Centers of Florida, we also work with patients who have Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, and Parkinson’s Disease. 

Why Choose Dr. Scranton and the Brain Fitness Centers of Florida?

At Brain Fitness Centers of Florida, we develop custom programs derived from decades of research. Evidence-based studies support these methods. Let’s look at an example: The study “Speed of Processing Training Results in Lower Risk of Dementia (Edwards et al., 2017)” shows a 29-48% reduction in dementia risk using the same computerized brain training program used by Brain Fitness Centers of Florida. This is just one of approximately 250 evidence-based studies that support our rehab tools and methods.

Further support comes from our happy patients who continue to report life-changing differences after experiencing our program.

Get Started With Memory Training in Florida

If you want to learn more about memory training in Florida, feel more confident, maintain an independent lifestyle, and better manage stress, give us a call at (727) 608-7378. You can also contact us here on our website.