Brain Fitness Centers of Florida (BFCF) is a dynamic, revolutionary organization that provides individualized cognitive rehabilitation programs developed from decades of research. Stephen L. Scranton, M.D., F.A.C.P. and his staff work with patients to improve their cognitive abilities, functional outcomes, and overall quality of life. Programs are tailored around each person’s needs and are based on the most advanced clinical techniques, combined with with unique, medically-proven brain-training exercises.

After thorough assessment and evaluation, using state of the art equipment, Dr. Scranton interprets personalized results and reviews the findings with each potential candidate. He prescribes a customized neurocognitive (brain-training) program tailored to each individual’s needs, and extensive one-on-one coaching is provided by BFCF staff in a structured setting, ensuring optimal results. Progress is continually monitored, so that individual programs can be fine-tuned if necessary, in order to provide the best outcome.

At the end of the in-house program, progress is again assessed, and Dr. Scranton typically modifies the protocol so that an individualized program can be continued at home. Periodic office visits with the doctor allow progress to be monitored and any necessary adjustments to be made to enhance functional outcomes. The process concludes when Dr. Scranton determines that no further benefit will be achieved.